#30DaysOfGreen in collaboration with Miti Alliance

On day 15 of the 2020 edition of the #30DaysOfGreen campaign, the Nairobi Hub of the Global Shapers Community (an initiative of the World Economic Forum) hosts Miti Alliance

The #30daysofGreen campaign advances sustainable consumption by showcasing the efforts of our partner organizations involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of eco-friendly products and services, or other green and sustainable initiatives.

Miti Alliance is a social enterprise focused on planting and growing trees across Kenya. The goal of the organization is to plant 5 millions tress by 2025. The organization arranges tree planting events that sees people from all walks of life and ages come together with the mission of planting trees as well extend environmental education mainly in schools through setting up tree nurseries and orchards through environment clubs.

Miti Alliance has a nursery that has a variety of 100 tree seedling species. Today, we feature the following species:

I.  Prunus Africana;

II. Apple Mango tree:

III. Moringa Oleifera

Further details of the featured species and how to procure them are available here

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