#30DaysOfGreen in collaboration with Plastiki Rafiki

On day 14 of the 2020 edition of the #30DaysOfGreen campaign, the Nairobi Hub of the Global Shapers Community (an initiative of the World Economic Forum) hosts Plastiki Rafiki.

The #30daysofGreen campaign advances sustainable consumption by showcasing the efforts of our partner organizations involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of eco-friendly products and services, or other green and sustainable initiatives.

Plastiki Rafiki is a non-profit student-led club at the International School of Kenya which is committed to cleaning up our local environment and empowering communities to earn a living by recycling plastic through creative manufacturing techniques and product design. They build all their machines, with the help of the Open Source Plastic Recycling Community, and create all products in the ISK Fabrication Lab, using a range of plastic moulding techniques as well as subtractive manufacturing processes.

Plastiki Rafiki’s featured green products for the day are:

I. KeychainsEach keychain takes an average of 27 grams of recycle plastic – the equivalent of 9.2 bottle caps.

II. Earrings- Each earring takes an average of 18 grams of recycled plastic – the equivalent of 11.2 bottle caps

III. Slingshots and Seedball Packet- This is in partnership with Seedballs Kenya. The product does not only recycle plastic but promotes planting of trees through seedballs.

All products are made using 100% recycled plastic. Given the nature of the products (earrings, keychains and slingshots), they are meant for a long-term use. If, however, they become obsolete or one would like to dispose them, they can always drop these products back at Plastiki Rafiki’s workshop where the plastic can be recycled again.

Further details of the featured products and how to procure them are available here

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