#30DaysOfGreen in collaboration with Sanivation Limited

On day 9 of the 2020 edition of the #30DaysOfGreen campaign, the Nairobi Hub of the Global Shapers Community (an initiative of the World Economic Forum) hosts Sanivation Limited.

The #30daysofGreen campaign advances sustainable consumption by showcasing the efforts of our partner organizations involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of eco-friendly products and services, or other green and sustainable initiatives.

Sanivation is a Kenyan sanitation company that develops and offers city-wide sanitation solutions. They create scalable waste treatment plants in Kenya that utilize human waste to create sustainable solid fuel through a circular economy approach. This fuel provides a variety of benefits to both the customer and the local community.

Sanivation’s featured green services and products for the day are:

I. Naivasha Treatment Plant – Sanivation partners with local governments to help meet the growing waste processing need from septic tanks and pit latrines.

II. SuperLogs – These are briquettes. They are an eco-friendly alternative to firewood.

Further details of the featured service and product and how to procure them are available here

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