#30DaysOfGreen in collaboration with TreeCycle

On day 24 of the 2020 edition of the #30DaysOfGreen campaign, the Nairobi Hub of the Global Shapers Community (an initiative of the World Economic Forum) hosts TreeCycle.

The #30daysofGreen campaign advances sustainable consumption by showcasing the efforts of our partner organizations involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of eco-friendly products and services, or other green and sustainable initiatives.

TreeCycle is a Kenyan based student led initiative, focused on the creation of eco-friendly pencils. TreeCycle pencils are made entirely out of recycled newspaper with the intention of reducing deforestation and reusing resources that may have otherwise been disposed. Started by a group of young climate activists in 2018, who at the time were only 13 years old, TreeCycle strives to change the mindsets of individuals encouraging more environmentally conscious behaviors and a more sustainable future. Their 2020 slogan is “Winning over old mindsets” speaking to their mission to change people’s outlook on contributing to a more sustainable future.

Today, we feature Treecycle’s eco-friendly pencils. The pencils are made out of recycled newspaper.

For further details on the pencils and how to buy them, click here

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