The Global Shapers Nairobi Hub were fortunate to learn from Kanini Mutooni, a Young Global Leaders,

Kanini Mutooni is an expert in the entrepreneurship and investment space. She is the director for investment at the East Africa Trade and Investment Hub, the Chair and a member of the board of directors of the Global Innovation Fund. She is a former career investment banker, having held leadership positions with Merrill Lynch Bank of America, Kleinwort Benson and KPMG. She has achieved significant industry recognition, including by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leaders. She is a chartered accountant and was educated at Cass Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School.

Below are a few lessons from her;

-Manage your time keep a daily log and be accountable for every minute

-Invest in people not just great ideas. The character of a person determines how they are received by the world.

-Know your strengths and work on capitalizing this. Wherever you are plugged in; let your strengths be the value add that you bring to the table.

-Effective leaders listen! Sharpen your listening skills.

-There is always room for negotiation. Always take the time to think over any offer in all facets of life.

-Learn to be out there as an entrepreneur. Network and meet new people as you execute your ideas share and learn from others.

-When pitching to investors, know your numbers and clearly articulate your impact. It is useful to select investors who are in line with the type of impact your enterprise is currently driving

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